Terms and Conditions


    We practice responsible service of alcohol - please respect our staff if they are required by law to stop serving alcohol, or you will be asked to leave. One Off = All Off: If the bar staff are required to cut anyone off from drinking, the whole group get cut off together. One Out = All Out: If someone is asked to leave the club, we ask that the entire group go together, no refund.


    We require payment online for bowls fees 7 days prior to your booking (if you need a bit more time to confirm numbers, let us know). Once you confirm your bowls numbers, we will email you an invoice to pay online using Bpay or credit card. We understand it can be hard to know exactly how many people can attend, so we recommend booking for the minimum, and if a few more people show up on the day, we can collect additional bowls payment at the bar.


    CHANGE OF DATES: Accepted 7 days prior to your booking and valid 6 months from original booking date. CHANGE OF MIND: Cancellations made within the 7 days prior to your booking will incur a 30% cancellation fee. RAINY DAY: If you’re unable to bowl due to bad weather, we will refund 50% of bowls fees back to you. CATERING: Non-Refundable.


    Seven days notice is required for any changes to catering numbers and dietary requirements. Catering must be paid in full at least seven days before the event occurs.




    Members, visitors and guests of the club have a right to:
    • Be treated with fairness and respect
    • Participate in an environment free from all forms of harassment and discrimination
    • Have their privacy and confidentiality protected
  • It is expected that members and visitors of the club will at all times:
    • Be friendly, courteous and respectful towards other members, visitors and staff
    • Respect teammates, opponents, officials and the rules of the game
    • Refrain from behaviours that would bring the game or the Club into disrepute
    • Refrain from use or consumption of illicit drugs on the Club's property
    • Refrain from behaviour that could offend or embarrass others
      • Abusive language is not tolerated
      • Harassment and discrimination is not tolerated
    • Behave in non-violent and non-abusive ways
    • Respect the positions of office bearers, committee members and employees of the Club
      • No abuse, threats of intimidation will be acceptable
    • Treat the property and facilities of the Club with respect
      • No smoking on the greens, smoke in designated areas only
      • Do not sit or stand on the edges of the greens
      • Appropriate footwear only on the greens (flat shoes only or bare feet)
      • Causing wilful damage to the Club or the Club's property will not be tolerated
      • The greens are not playgrounds, they are to be utilised for bowls and respected
      • Children must be supervised at all times and must comply with all expected behaviours
    • Not use internet, social media or online forums for what is deemed to be detrimental or defamatory to the Club, its members or the sport of lawn bowls
  • Members, visitors and guests will consume alcohol responsibly and will accept and staff or licensee decision to discontinue the serving of alcohol without complaint.
  • The staff and committee RUBC have the authority to enforce any of the above conditions. Failure to comply and cooperate could result in removal from the premises, or termination of membership